About Camelot Cellars

Camelot Cellars opened in 2004 to a Bucyrus couple, and was then bought by a Canadian company in 2008. In 2011 Janine Aquino acquired Camelot and successfully ran the company for 9 years. In early 2020, Renard Green became the owner and rebranded Camelot focusing on amazing food, exceptional service and repositioning the wine selections.

Camelot Cellars is a truly unique drinking as our wines are made on premises. We feature unique wines that are tailored made for the first-time consumer all the way to the experienced palate. Our juices are acquired from vineyards worldwide. Our wines are nationally and internationally recognized with 41 medals in wine competitions.

It’s our attention to detail that ensures every wine produced is of high quality.


901 Oak St. Columbus, Oh

(614) 441-8860