Check Your Wine

mg_5103 Once you have crafted wine at Camelot Cellars Winery, you can continue to check on the status of your wine here at

Between your crafting session and your bottling appointment, our winemaker will ensure your wine goes through four stages in its processing – Primary fermentation, Secondary fermentation, Stabilization and Filtering. The first three stages will vary in duration, depending on the particular wine you have selected, but the entire process should take no more than twelve weeks. Keep in mind, since this is a live product, sometimes it may take longer due to factors including sediment not settling as quickly.

You can check the status of your wine below with the Invoice Tracking Number feature. There will be a serial number for you to enter in the field below. You can find this serial number on your Camelot Cellars Invoice that you received the day you crafted your wine. Look on the receipt that contains your contact information, there will be a grey highlighted number (starting with two letters). Enter this number in the box below and click on the SUBMIT button to check the progress of your wine.

Enter your Invoice Tracking Number


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